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Trust Registration and Tax Advisory Services Limited has been established in response to the Money Laundering Regulations, in particular the 5ᵗh Money Laundering Directive, which brought into the scope of registerable trusts all non-taxable trusts unless exempt. Taxable trusts already have to be registered under HM Revenue and Customs Trust Registration Scheme. The new rules for non- taxable trusts came into effect on 1 September 2021 bringing into the scope of registerable trusts most express trusts (unless exempt) plus certain other types of trusts, as well as taxable trusts. Both taxable and non-taxable trusts are now within scope of registerable trusts.


All express trusts unless excluded e.g. minor children’s bank accounts held under a bare trust, have to be registered within 90 days of the trusts creation. Failure to do so may incur penalties for late registration. Any changes to the trust e.g. change in trustees have to be notified on HMRC’s online trust register within 90 days of the change. 


The trustees need to use HMRC’s trust registration service, which is online to register most taxable and non-taxable trusts.


Andrea is on hand to help with this process which may not be a straight forward process for many trustees.


Our fixed fee is £350 to £450 depending on the amount of information that will need to be processed. Please e-mail  for the checklist that will need to be completed before work can commence.


If the trustees wish our company to manage the trust online, the yearly fee will be £100. This currently applies to taxable trusts to confirm that the trust register is up to date on a yearly basis and/or non-taxable trusts to notify HMRC of any changes to the trust (within 90 days of the change).


Please click on the link below for details of HMRC’s trust registration service:- Register a trust as a trustee – GOV.UK 

We do offer other services at a bespoke price e.g. completion of trust returns, tax planning around trusts and an Inheritance tax planning service.


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